Top 10 WordPress Tips for the Newbies




WordPress is an awesome place to start a website/blog and showcase your brand. The website makes blogging easier than starting from scratch yourself. If you are new to WordPress however, there are some things you need to be aware of. The following 10 WordPress tips for newbies should help you enormously.

  1. Have a high-quality theme


A WordPress theme really makes or breaks a page and there are many available that look great. It’s really worth paying for a theme that looks great because this will draw so much more traffic to your page. Think about it, when you visit a website that is attractive, you are much more likely to stick around than if it didn’t look so great.


  1. Your sidebar should be organized and clean


The sidebar of your WordPress page is basically where you introduce yourself and get viewers interested in what you offer. It should not look cluttered however so don’t try and squeeze in too much information! A quick introduction, some links and a short “call to action” is all that’s needed.


  1. Use images to your advantage


Attractive images on your page are really important to break up big blocks of text. You also have the chance to add a keyword to every image put onto your page. This works in your favor for search engine optimization and generating traffic to your page.


  1. Add social media buttons


Make sure that you add social media buttons to your WordPress blog. This means Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and any other public platforms you have. Making your online presence known is important and customers will want to know how else they can reach you.


  1. Make sure the blog is easy to navigate


The interface of your blog should be attractive and even more importantly, it should be easy to navigate from page to page. Links should be well spaced out and a description of each link is also important. Ask a few trusted people to “test” your blog before you make it public to get an outside opinion. Bullet points make is readable like when you have a post onĀ homemade laundry soap ingredients. The list should be reader friendly.


  1. Your blog should load quickly


Research has shown that a user expects a page to load within a maximum of 2 seconds, otherwise, the majority will not want to use it. Make sure your page loads quickly, there are some plugins that help with this including WP Super Cache.


  1. Post on a regular basis


As a blogger, you have a responsibility to have a somewhat consistent and regular schedule. If possible, tell your clients a date and time where you are going to post and stick to it! This will make you most trustworthy and build you a good reputation.


  1. Include a newsletter


A good WordPress blog will also have a newsletter, so offer this to your customers. This will make people want to sign up and you can also use the newsletter to update them on the most recent posts you have made.


  1. Ensure it’s mobile friendly


More and more people are looking at WordPress pages on their mobile which is why it’s really important to make sure your blog is mobile friendly. A WPtouch mobile plugin will help you find a mobile-friendly theme so customers can view you on all different devices.


  1. Interact with those who leave comments


Readers who use comments on your blog are really important, so interact with them! Answering questions and generally just chatting with them shows you care about your customers so do this as often as you can.